Old School Tokens

Frustrated by the lack of tokens for playing Old School magic, I put a lot of time into designing and making tokens myself for Old School a few years ago. All the wording on the tokens reflects the current Oracle errata text.

CAMARID (for Homarid Spawning Bed):

CITIZEN (for Icatian Town):

DJINN (for Bottle of Suleiman):

GOBLIN (for Goblin Warrens):

MINOR DEMON (for Boris Devilboon):


RUKH (for Rukh Egg):

SAND WARRIOR (for Hazezon Tamar):

SAPROLING (for Thallid, etc.):

SNAKE (for Serpent Generator):

STANGG TWIN (for Stangg):

TETRAVITE (for Tetravus):

WASP (for The Hive):

WOLVES OF THE HUNT (for Master of the Hunt):