Old School Communities

The best thing about Old School isn’t the cards; it’s the passion, pride and camaraderie of the communities of Old School.  Perhaps you are returning to the game after 25 years and are dusting off your forgotten middle-school collection.  Maybe you are already an experienced Vintage veteran and looking for a new challenge.  Or maybe you just think the cards look really cool and want to play but have a limited budget.  Whatever the case may be, reach out and somebody will be waiting with an open playmat, a warm handshake and (if you’re lucky and old enough) a cool, crisp beverage.

The Global (Online) Old School Community

  • reddit
    • r/oldschoolmtg
      • The Old School subreddit is a fantastic resource, with active updates and links to tons of Old School content from all over the web.
  • Facebook Groups
    • Old School Magic 4 Life
      • The biggest dedicated 93/94 Facebook group, truly international in scope.
    • Old School Webcam Community
      • Thriving community of webcam (Skype, Appear.in) 93/94 players, a clearinghouse to find games with Old School players all over the world. Both pick-up games, and organized regular virtual tournaments.
  • Discord
    • The Old School Discord
      • With subchannels ranging from #deck-tech to #alters to #secret-santa card swaps, as well as a very active selling/trading this a great and welcoming forum whether a newb or an Old School veteran.


Local Communities

Below are all the local chapters/communities throughout the world that focus on Old School Magic. Many have regular meetups. Meet new friends in your area and try out the format! If I missed your community, or if your community’s information needs updated, please contact me!